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This week in Holyrood, the Scottish Labour Party supported by the Scottish Nationalist Party called on MSPs to back the recognition. With the leader of the Labour Party u/Rohanite272 criticising the government for not ‘recognising’ the results of the Welfare devolution referendum, which was ultimately deemed illegal by the Lord Advocate of Scotland.

The motion has been met with skepticism by MSPs asking about why this is now so important to be pushed and supported. The former First Minister of Scotland, u/Tommy2Boys said “[the] Scottish Labour should stop trying to divide Scotland.”, what we see is that Labour are seeking to find a new route to gain back their lost popularity after a drubbing in the last set of Holyrood elections. Mr Tommy2Boys went further and said that the motion “should be thrown out”. If we cast our minds back to 10 months ago, they were the author of motion SM108 calling for Parliament to affirm that it:

  1. Only support the devolution of welfare following a fair and legal referendum with both Holyrood and Westminster playing their part
  2. Believes a referendum on the devolution of welfare should only take place following a vote in favour of that referendum in Holyrood
  3. Declines to give its support to any future legislation on a referendum on the devolution of welfare in the lifetime of this Parliament 

Following these points, the opening speech made clear that there was the need to recognise that a clear process for devolution should be followed, and that the last referendum did not do so. 

The current First Minister of Scotland, u/Skullduggery12, raised concerns about the motivation behind bringing forward the motion saying that the Scottish Labour leader raised a question with them about the results of the welfare referendum during the First Minister’s Questions session. The First Minister continued by saying that they hoped that with new leaders of each of the major parties that any bad blood or old divisions would be set aside to work for the betterment of Scotland, ultimately going as far as slamming the Scottish Labour Party to indulging in “constitutional divisions and chicanery”. 

Although the outcome of the motion is becoming clear to the people of Scotland, the ultimate mission that the Labour Party and the SNP are setting themselves on to divide the country along ideological lines is only just beginning. 

Since the initial drafting of this article a blog was published by libertarian activist u/NorthernWomble which led to a colleague of u/Tommy2Boys by the name of u/ManyTimesIveLied to say that the referendum should be “fairly implemented”. Raising a question about whether the party is pulling in the same direction when the same path is being trodden again. The finer details remain unclear. 

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