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This week saw the new 12th Scottish Government under the leadership of Skullduggery12 publish their programme for government (PfG), which officially sets off the new legislative calendar for Holyrood.

The Conservatives continuing as incumbents came out strongly highlighting the work that they have done for the people of Scotland and how the PfG sets out to continue this work over the next 6 months. The debate up until the deadline remained relatively quiet until the SNP and Scottish Libertarians turned up a couple hours before its conclusion.

Going through the debate, the Scottish Libertarians Deputy Leader, ohdearstudying (ods), challenged the incumbent Cabinet Secretary for Justice, on the anti bias training with justice secretary Vitiating highlighting the need for the training which will consolidate on the great strides to tackle racism. With ods suggesting that the government was virtue signalling, with The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights saying in 2017 that Police Scotland was “institutionally racist” with respect to its response to racist incidents and Vitiating highlighting the need for steps to be taken to eliminate racism. The Scottish Libertarians in their contribution to the debate kept saying that Scotland has a black hole, a £4bn black hole – almost forgetting that their colleagues in Westminster are supporting the Labour-Liberal budget, which cements the financial situation. Begging the question, if they were that concerned, why didn’t they actually ask for an extra £4bn to be given to Scotland instead of just complaining about it.

With the Leader of the Scottish Libertarians asking why there was no action on grammar schools, commenting on the need for students to be able to access high quality education based on their merits. Somewhat missing the PfG education section which sets out a policy to look at reviewing the capacity and funding of schools to ensure that they are fit for purpose but also ensuring that they inspect schools at least every 5 years. 

Importantly in the debate, the SNP members were upset with how the Government was defending Scotland’s play in the union attempting to call the championing of the United Kingdom, as some form of process of undermining the success of Scottish devolution. Leaving many wondering what basis in reality that this argument has and whether the MSP for Midlothian South was actually at the right debate. A small positive from the member was highlighting the Government’s efforts to support the Gaelic language. 

The Scottish Labour Party continued with their trend towards leaving the NHS without any pragmatic funding sources with the threat that prescription charges must be repealed, with no suggestion of how they would repeal this funding. This leaves the suggestion of how they would replace this revenue and whether this would see the implementation of labour’s plans of a “toilet tax” which the electorate rejected at the last election. 

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