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After the resignation of u/Tommy2Boys as First Minister, a new First Minister election is required with the Scottish Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party each putting forward their candidates for the top job.

The Scottish Conservatives have put forward u/Skullduggery12, who served as Deputy Leader and Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy last term. The Conservatives won the election and will be hoping to retain their seat with their new leader. Upon being promoted to the office of Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, u/Skullduggery12 said: 

I am honoured to have been chosen to lead the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party into the next part of our story, one that is intertwined with championing Scotland. As Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy, I was there when tough decisions were made and I know that in the coming months we will have decisions to make, some of which won’t be easy.

Importantly, they spoke about what the last Scottish Conservative Government delivered last term and pledged to defend Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom.

I am proud to carry the baton of our significant investment in our environment, setting up a fund to protect our future and workers in industries at risk whilst we transition to a lower carbon economy, our infrastructure strategy which has begun the process of levelling up Scotland for the future, investing where it’s needed most, and crucially defending devolution and promoting Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom. As leader of the Scottish Conservatives I will champion the interests of hard working people, remaining connected with voters not just at election time.

u/Skullduggery12 will have large shoes to fill following their predecessors being what can only be described as big beasts in Scottish politics. This will remain a true test of the pedigree of the Scottish Conservatives being able to produce strong and competent First Ministers. 

At the time of publishing, questions were raised about what the significance of Scottish Labour not standing in the election meant for the party and whether this signalled Labour giving way to the Liberal Democrats and the SNP. The battle for Scotland may finish with the election of the next First Minister who, with the support of the Scottish Progressives will be u/Skullduggery12, but the war of ideas is only just beginning. 

The debate on First Minister will last until the 9th of January but the work will only just be starting for the new Government. 

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Spectator Team

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