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Former International Trade Secretary raises concern over lack of detail on Brexit.

After the collapse of the 26th Government (Blurple), a new coalition entered Whitehall, but concerns have already been raised by the Former International Trade Secretary. We caught up with them after their successor was appointed by the new Phoenix ‘Phoney’ Coalition. 

The Coalition Document seen by The Spectator gives a total of fewer than 20 words to our future relationship with our closest European neighbours. u/Skullduggery12, the Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland said “This lack of detail and clarity creates real uncertainty for my constituents. Here in Northern Ireland, we need clarity, certainty and stable leadership. The Phoenix Coalition have already signalled their willingness to sell Northern Ireland down the river by providing no substantive detail on how they see our relationship with the European Union and the Republic of Ireland.”

Sir Skullduggery12 seen out after their party became the new Official Opposition.

The Spectator showed u/Skullduggery12 an article from u/NeatSaucer, who claims that the coalition agreement has ‘provided a lot of detail’. u/Skullduggery12 responded “This claim is quite frankly laughable if this Government believes that 15 words are detailed, then I would hate to see how many words account for vague. Maybe 15 or so words by normal standards?

What we have seen from what is the equivalent of the trade doctrine of the Phoenix Coalition is that they propose to ink deals “with the United States, Japan and similar nations”. An article published by the Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland prior to them leaving office said they had an agreement for the UK to join the CPTPP, the new Government have no detail on whether they recognise this achievement from the 25th and 26th Government.

The Spectator spoke to a backbench source who on the basis of being anonymous in exchange for being quoted said: “The Phoenix Coalition are now as they enter Whitehall, in the shadow of previous Government’s substantive trade policy and the trade operation, which is now without the former International Trade Secretary who worked to deliver us a deal.” It’s clear that not only are there fears about Phoenix’s policy on the front benches of the opposition but throughout the House as a whole, while u/NeatSaucer may have slated the International Trade Secretary for not being accountable enough, it’s clear he will have a long way to go before he can even be on par with what he had achieved in terms of the detail of a deal and confidence of the House.

We continued to review any information that u/NeatSaucer gave the country, who we are now considering more committed to international trade than the current International Trade Secretary. An analysis by this paper highlighted that the Agreement states that “the Phoenix Government will update on what is happening”, but no detail has been provided on the update specifically: the nature of the update, what they are updating, and who they are updating, despite previous criticisms of there not being clarity on the Brexit process in the 26th government

We asked u/Skullduggery12, who is considered by some in parliamentary circles, a leading light in International Trade, what they thought about our analysis: “ It says one thing to me, this Government is a House of Cards. We deserve better and I will be working with colleagues across the House of Commons to protect all communities in Northern Ireland who need clarity and pragmatic leadership, this Phoney coalition has already set itself on forgetting about them, with their lack of detail and substantive policy.”

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