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Not even 24 hours into the new administration, the country is facing a cabinet listless and divided. Will they squander all of Blurple’s good work, and ignore the will of the British people, by pursuing a dog’s breakfast of a Customs Union deal?

The Spectator has seen leaked cabinet communications that have taken the wind out of the sails of any cohesive front on a Brexit deal, with the cabinet not quite sure how to approach this important topic. With no substantive policy on Brexit from this Government, the cabinet is having to make policy on the fly, leaving our communities and industries in limbo. 

A Spectator exclusive revealed that the new Secretary of State for International Trade had not asked their predecessor any questions during Minister’s Questions, casting doubt over their ability to be an active or even present negotiator in vital talks, let alone whether they have the expertise to completely rewrite an almost oven-ready deal. 

The leaked communications from the Phoenix Coalition gave us an insight into the Brexit ministers’ thought process and, in this, their willingness to override multiple agreements with the European Union, spanning from aviation to the European Arrest Warrant. All of the work undertaken by Conservative-led Governments is now being thrown away by the Phoenix Coalition.

It is within the realm of possibility that as part of the minister’s plans, the United Kingdom will remain tethered to the Customs Union and ECJ jurisdiction. The Minister of State for Exiting the European Union has, in the leaked documents, expressed their desire to stay in as many of the European organisations ‘as we possibly can’. Leaving the UK with no say over the rules that it will have to follow and in flagrant disregard of two referendums. 

The country is now left in limbo, with the new Government preparing to squander all of Blurple’s work. We are left with a governing coalition that is setting a course to ignore the will of the British people and tether the UK to European Union institutions with no say. Has the ship sailed for the Phoenix coalition before it has already begun? 

We are left wondering how a government with no majority and no mandate can afford to even entertain ignoring the will of the British people, as affirmed several times over in elections and referendums. But the real question is this; has the government really allowed itself to think that the Conservatives and LPUK will allow them to do this?

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team