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Labour attempt to paint over the cracks and appoint new Shadow Cabinet member, u/HKNorman after their arrest for defacing the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square.

Labour announced over the weekend that they were appointing a formerly arrested Member of Parliament, u/HKNorman, as Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment. The Nature Revolution Protests took place some time ago with damage and violent acts forming part of the proceedings. Some careless opposition Members of Parliament were arrested during the protests, with one police officer being assaulted, and the statue of our cherished war-time Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, being defaced.

After Labour’s crushing defeat in the last general election, where the Leader of the Opposition nearly lost their hitherto safe Labour seat in Merseyside, who is now a member of redder than red, socialist party Solidarity. You would expect them to be making sensible, vote winning choices however that isn’t exactly the method we’re seeing from the Labour Party. 

This alarming appointment sent shockwaves through Westminster and undoubtedly the country but the gravity of the situation did not fall on Labour Peer, u/Frost_Walker2017 welcoming “such talented individuals” who includes u/HKNorman, the same person who was arrested for defacing a treasured statue in Parliament Square, showing a distinct lack of regard for a piece of history which many Britons hold dear. As they hold the Shadow Cabinet portfolio for Environment too, concerns remain that if they do not get what they want in the House of Commons that they will resort to behaviour not befitting a Member of Parliament or that of a law abiding citizen and using the tools afforded to them by our cherished democracy, that key figures such as Churchill fought for.

The defaced statue of cherished war-time Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill

Tweets provided to The Spectator paint the new Shadow Cabinet Minister as out of touch with many of their constituents. An excerpt from what u/HKNorman brazenly tweeted was “I can afford the fine”. Regardless of their ability to pay for the well-deserved fine for their criminal acts, it flies in the face of our history which was not the subject of the Nature Revolution protests, but instead their attitude towards their criminal behaviour and vandalism, an attitude which will hurt many who hold Sir Winston Churchill in high reverence.  

This move by the Labour Party calls into question their commitment to law and order, which points to a disdain of our shared history, and whether they have any respect for it, and those who fought for our freedom and by extension our fundamental British values. After presenting our evidence to the Home Secretary, u/MatthewHinton12345, he said “It is a sorry sight when someone not long out of the Magistrate’s Court is elevated to the front bench with not just one, but two portfolios. It is a damnatory indictment on Labour’s respect for the law and the police and should not have happened.”

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