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It’s time to back our hard working Northern Irish businesses and devolve Corporation Tax to the Assembly

Member of Parliament for Northern Ireland, u/Skullduggery12

We had a chance to catch up with u/Skullduggery12 at their Belfast office to talk about the bill in Westminster that, if passed, is set to devolve Corporation Tax to the Northern Ireland Assembly. We asked them what they thought about the bill and what they have been up to since their election as Member of Parliament.

To kick off the interview, we asked them about what they had been up to since their election as the UUP Member of Parliament, u/Skullduggery12 explained “I would like to first begin by putting on the record my sincere gratitude for all of those who voted for me and to those that didn’t, I will work hard to earn your trust as your Member of Parliament. To the question, I have been working on championing the agenda that received support in the election and supporting the Corporation Tax (Northern Ireland) Bill from the Government benches.”

Continuing, we ask what benefits they believe this will have for businesses in Northern Ireland, u/Skullduggery12 explained “crucially this is about our businesses being competitive with the Republic of Ireland and I believe it is important to give them the tools necessary to do so. We must also appreciate that the Republic has had an aggressively low corporation tax rate, which has ultimately been successful in attracting inward investment. For attracting inward investment, devolving corporation tax to the Assembly can only help this.”

The Spectator pushed u/Skullduggery12 about what they said in their speech detailing Northern Ireland having the lowest venture capital funding compared to all other UK regions, they responded “After reviewing the relevant information it did reveal the conclusion I spoke of in the Commons, most importantly, the devolution of Corporation Tax can only be seen as a step in the right direction to address this. In the same way, it can be argued that by setting a lower rate of Corporation Tax, may the Assembly be minded to do so, it can lead to an expansion in the level of foreign investment in high wage sectors.”

Concluding, u/Skullduggery12 said “I would urge all parties regardless of their political leanings or ideology to support this bill, I will be supporting it in the division lobbies in Westminster.”

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team