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At lunchtime today members of the cabinet were seen around Westminster going on a litter pick, cleaning up the mess left by yesterday’s protestors.

The Prime Minister himself lead a tory team around Westminster, along with Conservative cabinet collegues. Their bags however were looking suspiciously empty when they posed for the camera. It is rumoured the Prime Minister and his crew were hanging around Winston Churchill’s statue on the off chance they would get to see HK-Norman being made to clean it up.

Secretary of State for CCMS, model-elleeit, and Minister for the Cabinet Office, Greejatus, took the litter pick very seriously and got the largest yield out of all the teams. Bravo!

Friedmanite and Siemer were looking delighted with their catch this lunchtime!

A joint Conservative-Libertarian team of political heavy weights took to the streets

The Justice Secretary and the Education Secretary cross their litter grabbers in triumph at the day’s work!

That is all the pictures the Spectator could grab this lunchtime. DWP Secretary, BrexitGlory, gave this paper the following statement:

“Upsetting to see the amount of litter being dropped, it’s important that we all chip in to clean up our streets, now it’s back to work!”

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Spectator Team

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