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M: Not really a breaking story I know I know…

The image is allegedly going to be the logo of a new party that is forming on the left, “Solidarity”, consisting primarily of Labour splitters.

The Spectator understands that the party will be made up of Labour splitters, retired lefties coming back into action and even a Liberal Democrat.

Labour splitters IceCreamSandwich, motelblinds, and wiredcookie1 are confirmed to be leaving the frontbenches and joining solidarity, in a private message from the splitters seen by our journalists. The trio alone will leave five front bench roles unfilled by Labour.

The biggest hitter for Lily-irl will be recently appointed Deputy Leader wiredcookie1, who is understood to be stepping down after Lily-irl was informed about the formation of the new party.

Many more Labour frontbenchers have been approached, including Alajv3 and Frost_Walker2017, potentially leaving lily-irl with three extra spaces in her Shadow Cabinet.

Former Shadow Chancellor’s CDoc and ChainChompsky1 have been approached by organisers but it is not confirmed whether they have accepted or not.

One Labour frontbencher has suggested the split would end Labour as a force in British politics, despite one communication claiming that lily-irl “didn’t give a f*ck” about the split.

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