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Two-time failed Labour leadership candidate “Comrad[e] Kate” has said that in a DEFCON-1 scenario, where London came under attack by a Russian nuclear weapon, a Labour government would “do nothing”.

The Shadow Veterans Minister GandhiWoreCrocs, who is now understood to be sacked from his role, initiated what appeared to be a war game to test Labour’s approach to the disaster scenario. According to Labour’s Shadow Environment Secretary, the party’s first response and course of action should be to “do nothing”.

Labour Chief Whip, apth10, suggested they could simply replace the UK’s most important city, accounting for 22 percent of the nation’s GDP and almost nine million people, by “build[ing] a capital in yorkshire…simple as that”. The Chief Whip then went on to suggest that Yorkshire being eradicated as well as London, would be “good” and that “yorkshire shouldn’t exist”.

Conservative North Yorkshire MP, LastBlueHero, commented “This shows the lack of respect Labour have for God’s own county. Apth should resign or be sacked in disgrace!”

The Shadow Cabinet discussion was slammed by GandhiWoreCrocs, who branded Labour’s stance as “appalling”, going onto shame the party for ignoring the deaths of millions they swore to serve.

Prime Minister Yukub reaffirmed the government’s total support for the Trident nuclear deterrent, claiming it ensures Britain’s safety by preventing such an event, an approach backed by both the LPUK and the Liberal Democrats. When asked what Britain would do if London was attacked with nuclear weapons, Yukub said that he would “retaliate”.

LPUK Foreign Secretary, Mr Seimer, said that the comments from Labour were “indicative of how dangerous their nuclear deterrent policy is” and joined the Prime Minister in supporting a tough approach to defence. “This government is committed to Trident, and protecting the people of the UK if we are attacked by a foreign power.”

Labour’s lack-luster and insulting approach will be sure to draw criticsm this week in parliament, uniting all other major parties against them once more.

Labour declined to comment.

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