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As the Labour chief whip rejected calls for a public leadership election, the Spectator has decided to organise it themselves. The Spectator can confirm the following politicians have thrown their hat in the ring:

  1. Lily-irl
  2. Captain_plat_2258
  3. NGSpy
  4. NeatSaucer
  5. Archism
  6. AV200

Former Labour leader and current deputy leader Lily-irl is the obvious front runner, with Labour insiders signalling Captain_plat as a runner up. However all is still to play for with nominations not even closed and manifestos yet to be published.

Labour members will have to weigh up Lily’s experience over Captain_plat’s potential fresh energy and outlook on British politics. As leadership elections go precedent is in Lily’s favour, just last month Lily and Captainographer were elected to the DL and chairman position repsectively, Labour members favouring experience over a fresh face.

Know for her fighting spirit Captain_plat could find favour with members who are feeling hopeless where as Lily’s more cool-headed approach will attract those in Labour who want to party to find allies across parliament. Both candidates will have to change their preferred style to bring home the crown.

Shadow Chancellor NGSpy has also thrown his hat into the ring. Despite holding a senior shadow cabinet role he has not yet held a party role. Though he is certainly not at the bottom of the rung in this respect. Both Archism_ and NeatSaucer are not even in the shadow cabinet, with the former resigning from shadow cabinet just weeks ago over a policy disagreement with ArichTeaBiscuit, and claiming that they did not want to serve in the frontbench next term…

AV200 is also likely to be an outisde candidate and like others will rely on their perspective on Labour’s current situation to propell themselves forward in the race.

Nominations remain open for 48 hours with plenty of room on the spreadsheet for any public endorsements.

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team