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A Scottish government source has spoken to the Spectator tonight to reveal an explosive series of events involving an on-going cabinet walkout by the Liberal Democrats, including the Scottish lib dem leader and deputy leader.

According to the government source, the walkout begun after the First Minister, Tommy2Boys, put the discord server into a localised “saltcon 1” lockdown. Multiple government communication chats were muted and hidden from view. (This may or may not have been triggered by former PM model-mili pinging @everyone).

According to our source, scot lib dem leader NorthernWomble began to “fiddle” with the server permissions afterwards, to which his admin perms were then removed by the First Minister to continue the localised saltcon 1 level lockdown of communications.

This has caused a bitter divide between Womble and Tommy, leading for Womble to walk out of the server including scot gov cabinet chat. Following quickly after was deputy leader model-willem as well as Zygark and Kef (can’t remember roles).

The Spectator has been pressured by numerous parties to not release this on-going story, but felt it was in the national interest. There shall be updates!

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team