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The Spectator’s ongoing covereage over LPUK’s dodgy costings have just gotten worse at the final hour. Four candidates including DL Tarkin have come out in favour of retaining DCMS funding for charities. They say that £2.6bn cuold be put towards charities, in contrast to Friedmanite’s plans to use the funding for LPUK’s psending priorities.

Earlier, energy spokesman ThreeCommasClub confirmed that he would pursue the Football Fund that he authored last term and the whole LPUK voted for, this fund remains uncosted adding unknown millions to the blackhole.

Now Friedmanite19 has suggested in the leader’s debate that other DCMS functions such as UK anti-doping could be kept, despite already marking this funding for other plans.

The LPUK have not confirmed how much exactly they would keep but the costings blackhole keeps rising…

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team