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In the regional debate for candidates in Yorkshire and the Humber, BigTrev-98 admitted that they would not be in favour of the DCMS abolition. When pressed on how they would want to plug the blackhole the MP said they would “merely not cut taxes”.

The rebellion comes at a painful time for the Libertarians, just as it was revealed that their LVT hike would cost the average home owner a whopping £750, the equivalent of an 8% rise in income tax. The Libertarians had previously argued that their other tax cuts would make it worth it, but were slapped down by other candidates claiming their almost £100bn public service cut would not make any tax differences for the average person worthwhile.

Working people are set to pay higher childcare costs, higher VAT on domestic fuel and recieve less housing benefits under LPUK’s plans. Now with rebels coming out against the tax cuts, LPUK seem to be offering an even worse deal to the average tax payer.

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Spectator Team

Spectator Team