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How the Left gave up on the Working Class & Poverty.

“We are not just here to manage capitalism but to change society and to define its finer values.”

Tony Benn

A weak Conservative Party, presiding over high levels of unemployment in the post-industrial heartlands of the United Kingdom. A funding imbalance tipped against the working-class areas of Wales, the left of the Labour Party could be heard popping the sparkling wine. Yet, thanks to the stalwart effort of some other factions within the Labour Party, the left-wing has been stifled in favour of the ‘woke-left’, their plan – to talk a lot, but say very little.

After nearly a full term of a weakened Conservative Party, one would be forgiven for assuming Labour would be on the ascendancy, a strong left-wing agenda to appeal to the troubled working classes and the poor. Yet, the Parliamentary Docket says something different and makes for grim reading indeed, showing the following having been submitted by Labour:

  1. A bill banning corporal punishment against children and young people.
  2. A bill restricting banking and financial dealings.
  3. A bill calling for devolution of justice in wales.
  4. A bill on bus services.
  5. A bill on first aid training.
  6. A bill changing law officers in Scotland.
  7. A bill relating to police and civil liberties.
  8. A bill amending the equalities act.
  9. A bill opening public loos.
  10. A bill on British summertime.
  11. A bill changing the voting system for by-elections.

For the working class of Britain who face higher suicide rates, are less likely to go to University, more likely to turn to drugs, suffer from depression, fall into debt, suffer from problem gambling, struggle with suppressed wages, a higher cost of living, poorer education for their children and the rising cost of running a vehicle – and much much more, the Labour Party has done nothing.

If you are poor in Britain, struggling with low-quality social housing, poor youth and children’s services, a lack of support with regard to food banks, hygiene requirements, access to social services and a doctor, once again, the Labour Party have done nothing.

Whilst the Labour Party have complained about the US President and spent a solid amount of time dragging up comments made by Government ministers years ago, their image has worn away to become so diluted they are unable to point to a single practical policy or plan that will show how they would do things differently, for their working-class base, should they secure Number 10.

The Labour Party have become the party of Woke-Left Protest, whilst their image and political clout have become so vague it may as well not exist.

It is endemic across the Party, their support collapsing across the post-industrial heartland, as working-class voters begin to ask “What is the Labour Party actually doing for me?”. By comparison, my Party, the LPUK, have been rather busy in that area, putting the following to parliament and other assemblies, to name but a few:

  1. A bill on affordable childcare.
  2. A bill on direct democracy, intent on handing power directly to the people.
  3. A bill requiring police to wear body cameras at all times.
  4. A bill requiring the Government to outline its future plans for an EU relationship.
  5. A bill creating a fair playing field for businesses.
  6. A bill protecting internet privacy.
  7. A bill supporting local football clubs.
  8. A bill banning illegal waste disposal.
  9. A bill protecting free speech.
  10. A bill calling for a social housing standards charter.

Across their elections, the LPUK has pushed consistently for better opportunities and jobs for the working class, protecting their taxes from increasing, whilst the Labour Party – the self-professed party of the working class – have fallen silent.

Reversing the trend will be a huge challenge for the Labour Leader, Akko, who has shown a lack of willingness to reform the Party since they took office.

Only time will tell, and time has a way of being unkind to those who forget their friends.

The Right Honourable, Lord H. J. Temple, Baron Salisbury is the Assembly Member for Aberavon in Wales and an MSP in Scotland. A member of the Libertarian Party, the views of this author do not necessarily represent those of the Spectator Group.

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Lord Salisbury is a member of the House of Lords, wherein he sits as a member of the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom.