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Research conducted by this paper reveals that during the general election, /u/ARichTeaBiscuit promised voters that “Labour supports the current status of the monarchy“, after Labour were accused of being republicans and not being honest about it.

It is thought that the leader was simply claiming to be a monarchist to win over voters in their bid to be Prime Minister. In the recent vote in the commons on the republican bill, Akko only managed a mere abstention while giving the rest of their MPs a free vote, a hard u-turn from their election promise.

There was however some hope that the free vote would result in most Labour MPs backing the monarchy. During the election campaign the Shadow Chancellor was questioned on his republican credentials, but insisted he was an “abnormality” in Labour.

This was again not to be the case, as it stands all but a few Labour MPs have voted, with the vast majority voting aye, and only three voting no. Another campaign claim that has not come true.

The Spectator caught up with a number of MPs, including Captain_plat who was asked if she had abused her position of trust by voting aye, given that voters put her in a position of power under the pretext of Labour supporting the monarchy. Her response: “That’s a dishonest question.“. When asked if she owed her voters an apology, she said “I do not”.

She also continually claimed that Labour did not support her position, despite the vast majority of Labour MPs voting to abolish the monarchy. She maintained that the voters didn’t deserve an apology from her.

JellyCow was also asked how he justified his stance on the monarchy given the election promise. He claimed that he couldn’t “recall RichTea making such a promise”.

Next was the Labour press office where we asked if Labour supports the current status of the monarch or not.

Not exactly the answer this paper was looking for. Archism_ was not available to comment and RedWolf declined to comment on their republican credentials in relation to akko’s election promise.

ARichTeaBiscuit was approached for an apology or a comment on their u-turn, but refused to utter a sound.

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