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Senior Labour members attended a protest last night and gave a number of speeches to a sizeable crowd. All in all senior Labour members had little to say other than “We don’t like Trump so we won’t go”, something they had already spoken length on in parliament. None of their speeches were really different and many in the crowd were rather disappointed. However, each speech had it’s own flaws and gaffs in to keep us entertained throughout. This is a in no way an extensive list, just some of the Spectator’s favourites!

I have made the tough decision to decline the invitation to the banquet – ARichTeaBiscuit.

Why was this a tough decision? It was easy for other people to decide whether to go to dinner or not, the Shadow Home immediately decided they were not going, while the Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Cabinet Office both quickly accepted the invite; furthermore the Shadow Chancellor was adamant on going to the state banquet planned under sunrise (as reported by our friends in the Telegraph). How can the LOTO lead this country if they struggle to decide whether to go to dinner or not? Being a PM involves seriously tough decisions, often life and death, ARichTeaBiscuit is signalling that they are not up to the job!

How low can you get when you personally attack politicians in other countries because they dare disagree with you? – Maroiogog

Isn’t this rather ironic? For the last week Labour have been attacking the President, rightly or wrongly, and this involves insults. During the protest the LOTO described the President as having a ‘tantrum’, later Kate branded him a “wannabe dictator” and in the motion debate Troe asserted the USA had done nothing since WW2 to “deserve our respect”.

it is not necessary to host this US President the way this Tory Government is going by allowing him to speak before parliament. – Maroiogog

Labour have been proven wrong on this. Rightly or wrongly the President declined to meet with the LOTO after they insulted the President and tried to block him from speaking.

I’m here today because of a promise I made to myself well before I got into politics. A promise to never be complicit, to never be silent. To always speak my mind and never become complacent. To never smile and nod when I see injustice in the world. – Kate

This must cause some internal conflict!

As Mahatma Gandhi would have put it, I am trying to be the change I wish to see. – Kate

Kate laughed at an anti-racist motion and voted against it. Not the change anyone wants to see. 

Inside that building (points to Westminster palace) is a man speaking, spewing his usual rhetoric of hate mixed with incomprehensible nonsense. There is a man quite possibly going on at lengths about how Mexicans are rapists, Muslims are terrorists, black people are criminals, and Jews are nasty real estate developers.

None of this came true. Labour’s moralistic gamble wasn’t really worth it, was it?

While they buddy up with the wannabe dictator inside right now, we are out here. – RedWolf

Their Labour colleagues are at the banquet and the speech too, and ARichTeaBiscuit described it as a hard decision. If Trump is really as bad as Labour claim (he isn’t), then surely it would be an easy decision? Surely all of Labour would boycott the events? The narrative has broken.

Let us all rise and take the approach of saying “NO” to racism, bigotry, and narcissism.

Say “NO” to Sir Jgm.

Others have suggested that not allowing Trump to address parliament would hinder negotiations on international cooperation and trade, and that those who disapprove of Trump’s address also disapprove of strong Anglo-American relations. However, this is totally untrue. – Captain

Given that ARichTeaBiscuit tried to block Trump’s speech and it didn’t end well diplomatically, is this not demonstrably false?

I won’t make you all listen to what has already been said. – Captain

Finally, some reason.

I am an ardent believer that foreign policy is best conducted, in almost all cases, when multiple states take cooperative action. That process is called multilateralism…I think our foreign policy is quite clear, and it is not unilateral. – Captain

What about all of those motions in parliament calling for unilateral action?

“Labour Party should support unilateral disarmament.” – av200, Nuclear deterrent debate. Why not support multilateral disarmament like Labour did in the past? Why do Labour shadow cabinet members have different policies?

When you have repeatedly made it your career’s goal to sue dissenting press members out of existence, you can’t come and talk to parliament about the freedom of press. – Sir Jgm

For this one I shall leave a clause in his press ethics motion for readers to mull over:

(2) Investigate methods of tightening ethics laws in order to punish and dissuade manipulative methods of extracting information from politicians.
– Sir Jgm.

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