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Sir Jgm has written a letter to Her Majesty’s treasury berating staff and demanding answers to their questions. However, many of their questions had already been answered in the session.

One such example is a question on increasing the Welsh block grant. The Chief Secretary, /u/Skullduggery12, a rising star in government, shot down baseless accusations of under funding and confirmed that there were no current plans for a new budget this term.

The Chief Secretary observed that the Welsh government parties were using it as a rallying point for the election and dismissed their unproven claims as “politiking”. The Chief Secretary quipped that “unlike a Labour government, we aren’t in the business of handing out blank cheques”.

The Chief Secretary continued to deliver, remarking “[it is] critical that we do not saddle future generations with an inordinate amount of debt”, causing MPs to humourously point down at the Labour frontbenches.

However, Sir Jgm seemed to must have nodded off during the session and missed the answers, as he has written to the Treasury asking about the Welsh block grant, despite the Chief Secretary being absolutely clear on the government’s stance. Had the Shadow Chancellor been listening, his queries would have been answered. The Spectator caught up with a source close to parliament who said “He’s ever fully with it that one”. After the emergency motion tabled by Sir Jgm, that massively backfired on Labour, there are likely some within the party questioning his competence as the Shadow Chancellor continues to deliver a series of gaffs.

The Labour press office were approached with the following two questions:

Was Sir Jgm not listening to the Chief Secretary when he gave multiple answers re Welsh Block grant in MQs?
If Sir Jgm was paying attention, why did he write a letter asking questions that were already answered?

Seemingly befuddled and confused at Sir Jgm’s oversight, they declared “you would have to ask [Sir] Jgm personally” and that the letter had other questions…

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