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Press Ethics

The Labour Party has found itself under fire this week after Shadow Chancellor JGM submitted a motion calling for the tightenig of ‘Press Ethics’. Prompting seven of the nations largest press organisations to attack the motion, and even seeing members of the normally uniformed Labour Party breaking ranks to lambast the motion as reckless.

Whilst the furour surrounding the contraverisal motion died down with the commencement of anoher news cycle, I note that there is to be an air of caution still. The motion signals a move within some aspects of the Labour party to regulate the free press, which as history has shown, often preceeds disaster.

The LPUK held a meeting this week on the matter of the Welsh Elections.

Welsh Steel

The Libertarian Party has celebrated a landmark victory this week, with the passing of a historic report and plan to save the Welsh Steel Industry. Penned by former Deputy Leaders, Chev and Cuth, and inspired by the campaign of Port Talbot resident Greejatus, the plan marks the first step of a revolutionary approach to saving a burgeoning industry.

Rumours indicate that the announcement of the plan was timed by the LPUK Elections Committee to coincide with the forthcoming Senedd Elections. However, the famously hard to reach Committee, which met this week for their annual dinner, have not commented.

Monarchy Bill

Later in the week saw another bout of outrage through the commons, rising to a fever pitch that roused half of the normally slumbering back bench intom action. Resulting in what may now be one of the most heavily debated items in recent months, the DRFs Republic Bill set the blood boiling.

In a debate which saw members of the Conservative Party and the LPUK break into spontaneous verse, of the national anthem, and saw the DRF rapidly routed from the debate by a tumult of patriotism, the debate wil no doubt go down in history as one of the least successful attempts to oust the Monarchy in recent years.

Philippines Motion

The Government was left humiliated again as a motion condemning the Government of the Phillipines sailed through th House, in what marked their first defeat of the term. The motion, went through with 48 in favour and 42 against, securing the backing of the Labour Party and DRF to an item of LPUK legislation.

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Lord Salisbury is a member of the House of Lords, wherein he sits as a member of the Libertarian Party of the United Kingdom.