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This is an opinion piece written to the Spectator by /u/TheOWOTrongle.

Earlier this week, I made the decision with two other Labour MPs to defect from the Labour Party. While you may think you motives were ideological, you’d be wrong, we were three different wings of the party, I being a pro-Brexit social democrat, SmashBrosGuys2933 being a Blairite and Gren_Grat being an Old Labourite. When we defected we sited the betrayal of Labour to turn on it’s own members, its toxicity within the ranks especially among the leadership and their failure of constructing a frontbench which represents the party. However there is one last reason, Labour is no longer the broad-tent it claims to be.

When I joined the Labour Party back in November of 2018, WillShakespeare99 was leading a party which was in the Unofficial Opposition. The Labour Party was a small bunch back then, but when I said I support Brexit, the party while disagreeing with me individually, still respected my views. When members said they supported Remain, I disagreed but continued to work, united with a common goal to change Britain for the better. This is what a broad-tent party is, it is a party which has different views, but respects all of them, and that is not what Labour is today.

After the Conservatives released their cabinet, Labour quickly followed suit announcing their new shadow cabinet. This announcement was nothing short of a failure. Firstly, they created irrelevant or unnecessary portfolios just to make every MP a shadow cabinet member, no party should do this. Secondly they promoted separatists and radical socialists at the expense of the more moderate members of the Labour Party. After this announcement, it came clear to me that Labour was no longer the broad-tent party it represented. Other factors backed up this claim such as the party hunting down monarchists or Leave supporters until it hit a boiling point for me, I could no longer support and represent a party which did this, so I formed PUP.

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