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  1. Internal communication written by /u/RedWolf177 SLATES Labour party.
  2. He insists that party has “demonstrated terrible incompetence”.
  3. Labour still has no idea where they went wrong.
  4. Admits Labour were only seeking to “take power”.
  5. Pleads with party to stop “shooting ourselves in the foot”.

Earlier in the week this paper saw evidence of a mystery Labour frontbencher saying the party has shown “terrible incompetence”, in an internal communication, unfortunately we did not have a copy for ourselves. After sending out some private appeals to trusted insiders, this paper has now obtained a heavily redacted version of the communication, sent to use by real heroes from within the party.

In a post eerily titled “Some concerns” by /u/RedWolf177, the frontbencher bitterly reflects upon the last few weeks. The frontbencher admits Labour were only looking to “take power” for themselves, and that the party fully and perhaps arrogantly expected to do so.

/u/RedWolf177 then went on to state the party had “demonstrated a terrible incompetence”, a line that he will soon be best known for, few will disagree with him.

The frontbencher then questions what had happened to Labour in those two weeks to “take [them] from such a high to a low”. The mainstream view with political pundits is that it was the continual racism scandals, the endorsement of the antisemitic BDS movement and the failure to punish members for making such comments. Analysts also believe that the failure to negotiate a sensible deal with the DRF and TPM showed the party’s “terrible incompetence”, and nobody trusts them to negotiate with Iran. The party’s problems were exacerbated even further when prominent frontbenchers decided the nation was best served without Labour, but instead a new left wing party, splitting Labour into two. This record, some argue, shows that Labour are simply a “shambles”, as one former member described them.

Other Westminster observers believe that if Labour had spoken more in a debate on traffic laws, the public would see them in a better light.

/u/RedWolf177 continued his rant of truth saying that Labour keep “shooting [themselves] in the foot every time [they] get close to power”. The power hungry vibes from the frontbencher could be countered by talking about how nice buses are, in the commons. The frontbencher admitted not having any real solutions, something which a minister-to-be should be able to innovate. He finishes his post by saying he doesn’t believe a Labour government will happen and, rather ironically, recommends that the party stops fucking itself over so publicly…

Note: The Spectator had approached the Labour party asking them if they were incompetent, and if not why do they disagree with their frontbencher. Unfortunately we were subjected to over an hour of haggling for our press freedom with their press officer and did not receive a meaningful statement beyond “I must speak to your editor”.

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