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How the opportunism of the Liberatarian Party ruined any chance at reform of the UK rail system and kept a stagnant system.

For a long time now UK railways have been ineffective and have lacked any real vision remaining stagnant. In the last days of the second model-mili ministry however the Secretary of State for Transport at the time BrexitGlory opened up recently about the government’s plans to privatise and also reform railways to be more effective but this was put on hold due to the opportunism of the Libertarian Party or Purple Labour as it would appear to be their real name in more recent days.

When asked for a statement on the situation the Secretary of State for Transportation at the time BrexitGlory gave the following quote:

“It’s unfortunate to see the LPUK ending the government’s plans to marketise the railways, opening them up to free competition to stamp down fare costs and end delays created by DOR. The legislation was very close to being finished and I had consulted with the leader of LPUK about the plans. It is one of many free-market orientated policies supported by this government, instead of helping us achieve this, the LPUK have conspired against their voters to install a Labour government.”

When asked about the key points of the plan he said:

“We had our eyes on old Labour legislation that would have hindered the new private operators. We were going to sell the publicly owned trains to return billions of pounds back to the treasury. We were going to open up the tracks to multiple private companies ensuring high levels of free competition. All three of these things have been sabotaged by LPUK allowing themselves to be played.”

Finally our reporter asked him if any hope for rail reform has been lost he had this to say:

 “Rail reform is so desperately needed for the thousands of commuters who get countless DOR delays, for that reason I don’t want to say it is totally lost. However, with a Labour government, the envisaged reforms cannot happen.”

For the many who needed rail reform this might seem like an unfortunate series of events and to think it was only days away. While many might be wanting to go and rage and demand the LPUK fix this mistake and push for rail reform as to mend the damage done to the markets and the many who needed better prices and services I say remain calm and patient hope if not completely lost it is only a matter of time before we get real reform

This here however comes as more of a side story to the bigger one, the clash of the two parties that has been seemingly brewing ever since the last days of the first model-mili ministry. The two parties once united in a vision for a better future for the United Kingdom in free market principles now stand at the opposite sides of a vote of no confidence being exploited by the Labour Party. The two parties have seemingly become estranged and due to lack of real communication after tensions it has led to the LPUK killing transport reform yet the two should not be angry at each other and rather aim to reconcile and in their common principles for the better of the United Kingdom.

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